Raw Glass Classic Pack Ashtray


Elevate your smoking game with the RAW Glass Classic Pack Ashtray. Weighing a solid pound and measuring 3.5in x 6.4in x 1.5in, this beast boasts a deep ash cavity, perfect for those legendary long smoke sessions. The high-quality glass construction screams durability, while its rectangular, modern design adds a dash of sophistication.
Despite its tough exterior, it’s a breeze to clean – a little dish soap or a spin in the dishwasher on delicate, and it’s as good as new! Its smooth, non-porous surface resists odors and stains, keeping it fresh session after session. This isn’t just any ashtray; it’s the RAW Glass Classic Pack Ashtray, a true embodiment of RAWthentic experience. So, what are you waiting for? Add this beauty to your collection and revolutionize your smoke sessions! Caution: may lead to epic smoke sesh that your friends won’t stop talking about! Act fast!

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