RAW x Orchard Terpene Tree Cones



Heads up, smokers! We’ve got a killer deal for you! The RAW x Orchard Terpene Infused King Size Cones Collection is here to rock your world. Thanks to a cool collab with Orchard Beach Farms, we’re bringing you terpene-packed rolling cones that ooze flavor and aroma.
Try the RAW x Orchard Blueberry Tree Cone, where sweet blueberry notes will dance on your taste buds. Or maybe you fancy the RAW x Orchard Grape Tree Cone with its juicy, grape-like richness. Can’t forget about the RAW x Orchard Lemon Tree Cone, it’s like a burst of citrusy sunshine in your smoke.
Each cone is king-sized, filling your sesh with luscious, abundant smoke. Pre-rolled and ready to go, these babies save you the hassle of rolling. Just fill ’em up, twist, and light up. They’re made with natural gum and unbleached paper – pure quality.
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