Sneak-a-Toke Pipe (The CHEAP one)


The Sneak a Toke pipe offers an economical solution for those who prioritize discreet smoking on the go. Decked out in shades such as red, black, and gold, it delivers a simple yet functional design.
Craving more color options? Check out our expanded range in-store.
The real magic lies in their design adaptability: MOST Sneak a Tokes of the same style come with interchangeable parts, granting you the freedom to mix and match. If you’re buying several colors with the intention of pairing them, it’s crucial to highlight this in your order notes, so we can ensure perfect compatibility.
As a bonus, each Sneak a Toke comes with a free 5pc pack of stainless steel screens, enhancing your smoking session. Craft your unique smoking experience with Sneak a Toke.
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