Seven Sense Smoke Shop’s got the grooviest product to hit the scene – the RAW DLX Cone! Hand-rolled with love, these bad boys are crafted from top-quality RAW rolling paper, coming straight from Spain’s sunny hills! But, wait, there’s more! @thegrasshoppa, our rolling wizard, packs these cones off to Vietnam to get the hand-rolling magic dust sprinkled on them.
Every puff you take will be a global journey, dude! Plus, each DLX Cone sports a heat-resistant glass tip, keeping your tokes cool and smooth. Perfect for the choosiest of chillers! So, don’t space out on this one! Raw DLX Cone – the ultimate stoner accessory – is waiting for you at Seven Sense Smoke Shop. Time to elevate your smoke game to new heights, my friends! Groovy times are just a toke away!

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