RAW Rocket Booster Cones Lemon Jack


Stoners, get ready for lift-off! RAW’s Lemon Jack Rocket Booster Cones are here to take your smoking sessions into orbit. These are no ordinary cones!
Supercharged with TERPS and Herbal Rhodiola Cannabinoid Hactivators, they’ll stimulate your brain’s CB1 receptors for an out-of-this-world experience. Made from top-tier natural unrefined fibers, they guarantee a clean, smooth smoke every single time. And let’s not forget the flavor!
Lemon Jack blends zesty lemon and earthy Jack Herer for a taste sensation that’s more refreshing than a comet tail. So, why stick to the mundane? Let RAW’s Lemon Jack Rocket Booster Cones skyrocket your smoking to the stars. Get yours today and brace for an interstellar journey of flavor and quality.

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