Sneak-a-Tokes (The CHEAPER one)


The Sneak-a-Toke with a flat plastic mouthpiece is a budget-friendly option tailored for discreet, on-the-move smoking sessions. Presented in timeless hues of red, black, and gold, its design strikes the right balance between simplicity and functionality.
Seeking more shades? Browse our wider color selection in-store. What sets these apart is their versatility: MOST Sneak-a-Tokes of this specific design boast interchangeable components.
If you’re opting for varied colors intending to blend them, kindly indicate this in your order notes, ensuring we provide seamlessly compatible parts.
Plus, every Sneak-a-Toke is accompanied by a complimentary 5pc pack of stainless steel screens for a cleaner smoking experience. Dive into a personalized session with our Sneak-a-Toke.
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