Gloomer Pendant By Cryisis Designs (Pink /Blue)


Discover the Gloomer Glass Pendant, a mesmerizing creation by Crysis Designs that tells a compelling tale of courage from the mythical planet Wubulon.
This limited-edition pendant is an art piece that shifts between breathtaking shades of pink and blue, depending on the lighting. As much a collectible as it is jewelry, its intricate yet durable design makes it a fantastic display piece.
Standing at two inches, it’s ready to grace any necklace and add an otherworldly touch to your collection. Crafted by with local artisans, this American-made pendant embodies Seven Sense’s commitment to supporting local talent. By choosing this pendant, you’re not just buying a unique piece but also supporting the vibrant local arts scene. Don’t miss out on owning a part of Wubulon’s lore and local craftsmanship. Shop local, find it at Seven Sense.

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